The Big Easy Oil-Less Fryer

by Chris Johns | Last Updated: December 27, 2019

Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer

Charbroil has sent me on of their new Big Easy Oil-less Fryers to try out. They call it an oil-less fryer, but it’s basically an infrared grill designed for turkeys and large roasts. The idea is that it produces the same basic results as a fryer, juicy meat and a crisp screen, without the mess and risk of a deep fryer.

It looks, nor accidentally I’m sure, like a deep fryer. It’s even got a “cage” to hold the turkey. Along the bottom is an 18,000 BTU infra-red burner that heats things up to about 360 degrees (perfect turkey roasting temperature). It’s a ring, so it should produce even heating. It’s like a rotisserie in many respects, but doesn’t need to spin.

It sure is simpler and safer then frying, that’s for sure. Pretty much drop the meat inside and turn it on. I bet this thing would work well with a leg of lamb or a prime rib as well. One big plus is that you can load it up with marinade and it’s not going to be diluted by oil or slung out by the rotisserie.

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